Expansion at Saltzman/Cornell

Feature points of the 2020 Addition to Sunset Athletic Club

SAC, as a full multi-sport family friendly facility will be adding 22,000 square feet. Due to be available to our members Spring of 2020. This addition will arrive as a 3 story addition (the tallest building in the Cedar Mill community). It will be directed towards our adult (over 16 year old) population of members and will be specific to fitness needs.

Adult members will have access to the many amenities of this facility as a part of their membership.

• 22,000 square feet, 3 story building with roof top view
• Serving The Adult Membership (16 and up)
• Barre Studio (Part of the Sunset Athletic Club Group Ex. Program)
• 2 Training Centers
• FitCenter
• Large Astro Turf/Fitness Area
• Cardio Center
• Penthouse Studio
• Roof Top Exercise Deck
• Kids Korner/Rooftop Deck Rental
• Social Spaces

Featuring small and large group personal training workouts crafted for you! Your fitness needs are unique. Choose the Training Studio that fits you best...

South Side Training Center – Studio 7
Training inspiration, goals and style are as unique as you are, so forget about on-size-fits-all group training! Sign-up for the workout pathway that best fits you! Studio 7 delivers separate workout experiences designed to crush any goal.
Cost Per 6 week session: TBA

North Side Training Center – TRIBE Team Training
Small-group training with heightened personal attention. Each Tribe of 6-10 people is led by a coach who stays with you throughout the entire Session. Featuring: Measured results for motivation and accountability; A group of like-minded people to work out with; A dedicated coach to inspire and challenge you; A sense of community and friendship.
Members and guests can sign up for 6-week Sessions, which will occur a various times and days throughout the week in our Tribe Team Training Area.
Cost Per 6 week session: TBA

More Details...

Our new space will offer a Barre/Yoga studio, two training centers and of course strength, stretch and cardio equipment. Amenities will include adult “only” locker rooms each offering a sauna, child care and ample social space. The third floor will include a roof top penthouse studio with an open air third story exercise deck and a view to the south. A perfect addition to our Sunset Athletic Club Rental Menu.
Adult members will have access to the many amenities of this facility as a part of their membership. The focus of this addition is prescriptive fitness and goal programing and will provide an environment of identifying and focusing individual fitness needs. Offering a variety of options to accomplish those goals through private and group training, including the metrics to mark the accomplishments of the participant’s efforts.
Because we have expanded as far as our current property boundaries allow, this addition will be located off campus. Our addition will be located in the new development of Cedar Mill Center, located at Saltzman and Cornell.
Our intention is that this addition is an extension of our current location, with the understanding that although it is not on our campus, it will be considered a department of Sunset Athletic Club. The building is available to our adult members to use as a part of their SAC membership dues, programming costs will apply where indicated.
This new addition will offer our adult population opportunities that are not available in our multi-sport location and should be an attractive draw.

The future of Sunset Athletic Club is bright and continues to evolve with the demands of its members. We are excited to jump into 2020 with all the changes ahead and continue to make our Club relevant in the changing needs of the Fitness Industry!