Kids Sports/Programs/Camps

We take our children’s programming seriously at Sunset Athletic Club. Kids of all ages will find a place to learn, grow, stay fit and have fun!

We offer Kids Korner child care in the Athletic Center and Kids Parties may be scheduled at the Clubhouse. Sports lovers enjoy our exciting youth programs featured all over the club. From tennis and racquet sports to swimming, climbing, basketball and more! Serious athletes can get serious training from our Pro-Staff or in classes and clinics. Plus, you can always just relax, meet new friends and have a great time. Staying fit and healthy is your free bonus!

Sports & Activities Camps

When the schools break for holidays and such, our Sports and Activities Camps spring into action! We provide a safe, active and fun environment where your child can enjoy adventures with others in their age group (Squirts Campers ages 4-6, Sports Campers ages 6-10).

Spring Break Sports & Activites Camp

Campers will sample all the highlights of our Sports & Activities Summer Camp. All the games, sports that we can fit into three days! Of course we will play tennis and climb on the Climbing Wall along with our favorite…Thursday is Crazy Coaches Day!

3-Day Camp (Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday)
Camp runs from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.
Cost is $39 for Members, $40 Non-members (includes a pizza lunch party the last day of camp).

Questions: Contact us at or 503-645-3535

We will play a variety of sports including, but not limited to, basketball, soccer, Climbing Wall, swimming and tennis.
SPORTS CAMPERS will swim in the indoor pool (this is not a swim lessons) and use the Climbing Wall. Both of these activities require parental/guardian permission. Feel free to discuss this with camp staff..

Our adventures range from sports and rock climbing to circle games and relays. It’s always about friendly activities where everyone wins!
Participation in Climbing Wall requires parental/guardian permission.
(Squirts Campers will not be in the swimming pool). Please contact your child’s coach if you have any questions.

Your child will need a lunch Wednesday and Thursday... we celebrate the last day of camp with a pizza lunch!

All Sports and Squirts Campers are also REQUIRED to have on file a Climbing Waiver and all Sports Campers will need a Pool Waiver.
Squirts Campers do not need a Pool Waiver as we do not go to the pool.
See Registration Form below for all Details and Camp Regulations.


Details & Registration Form - Online HERE

Climbing Waiver (Required ALL Campers) - Online HERE

Pool Waiver (Sports Campers only) - Online HERE

Please drop off the Registration Form along with signed Climbing Waiver* (and Pool Waiver for Sports Campers) at the SAC Service Desk.

Details & Registration Form - Download/Print - Download & Print

Climbing Waiver (Required ALL Campers) - Download & Print

Pool Waiver (Sports Campers only) - Download/Print

MORE Kids Camps are available, including:

Spring Break Rock Climbing Camp - Tues/Weds/Thurs March 26-28, 11am - 2pm. Ages 6-12 - INFO HERE

Spring Swim Camp - March 26th, 27th, and 28th, 2019 from 1:00-3:00 pm.

Summer Sports & Activities Camps - 2019 info COMING SOON!

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For reservations and info about any of our Youth Programs, call 503-645-3535