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“These Blogs are offered for your information and entertainment. Please check with your physician before beginning any new exercise or diet routines.” — In Good Health, SAC Management

Spinning Room Remodel Premiers NEW Spivi Virtual Ride System!

Courtesy Carleen Prentice, General Manager - February 6, 2020

Our Virtual-Ride Spivi Studio is NOW OPEN! Spivi is an interactive multimedia system created for indoor cycling studios. Data from bike sensors is collected and combined with personal information stored on the cloud to generate unlimited virtual visuals, group simulation, leaderboards, and videos, all in real-time!

Spivi tracks and analyzes a variety of performance attributes such as Heart Rate, Power, Cadence, Speed, Distance, Energy, Calories and more!

Spivi Studio offers multiple fitness tests and challenges you can run at any given time. Fitness tests help members to determine their personal fitness metrics. Once taken, the results are automatically uploaded to individual member profiles on the cloud.

Riders can use our widgets to track their performance over time to see that they are making improvements. Individual members can watch their effort compared to others in class, track their logs, and share their workout data with others.

SAC members may download the SPIVI app. This app gives the ability for members to reserve a seat in the class of choice and create an avatar for the ride. Plus, the ride will be recorded into their ANT+ device which tracks personal accomplishments from class.
If you do not wish to display your name or stats on the screen the app offers privacy settings. Please ask us if you need assistance with privacy settings.
Please Note: Members who do not reserve a seat in advance through the app must check in with the instructor for availability and seat assignment.

SAC Pilates & Reformer Pilates Studio – Small Classes Mean Personal Attention


Courtesy SAC "Club Connection" Newsletter, reprinted February 4, 2020

Within the SAC Pilates Studio, you'll never feel lost in a crowd. Reformer Pilates classes are taught in small groups of five or less – where you will receive a ton of personal attention and instruction in every session. Other studios have class-sizes three times or larger.
Experience it for yourself at one of our Complimentary Private Classes. This class is not designed to be a beginning class, but rather a “hands on” experience demonstrating how the Reformer can improve the life of each person in their specific fitness journey.
Each journey starts at a different place, whether it is rehabilitation, weekend warrior or the beginning exercisers. Instructors will share the benefits of Reformer Pilates to
the specific needs of each of the participants in the room, one at the time.
This class is available to all adult members. Registration is available online 15 days before class. Non-member’s may attend, however, must be invited to the class by an instructor. Contact the Service Desk if you need assistance.
Classes are held on five days over the first full week of each month. Times vary, allowing you to find space in your schedule. The instructors also change from time-to-time.
These classes are a great introduction to our studio, our passionate and knowledgeable instructors, and the benefits of Pilates to every – body.

Meet Our Exceptional Certified Pilates Staff - HERE

Over 150 Group Fitness Classes Available to Members


Courtesy SAC Staff, February 1, 2020

Looking for variety? We offer classes that...
Challenge your fitness level. - Restore and rejuvenate your Mind/Body. - Relax muscles/free up joints/help prevent injury. - Get you dancing to have fun and release stress. - Strengthen bones and muscles. - Are Fast-paced. - Are Slow-paced?
According to SAC Group Fitness Director - JoAnne Kehagiaras: “We’ve got this! We’ve got what it takes to deliver a huge variety of classes. We’ve got everything it takes to assist you in creating a completely balanced fitness program that enhances your BODY and MIND. Which type of class might you consider adding to your workouts that might enable you to have a more well-rounded program? You Name It...We’ve Got It All...Something for Every-Body.”

Find an old favorite or try something new...we change and update our class schedule to adjust to the needs and desires of our members. Some “land” options include: Yoga, Cycling, Pilates, Zumba, Interval Training, Healthy Joints, Meditaion, Functional Training, Tai Chi, Walking, Kickboxing and MORE!
Or, check out the fitness possibilities in the water, such as: Aqua Power Deep, Aqua HIIT or Aqua Ballet in our exercise pools. For those who appreciate the value of warmer water – try classes in the therapy pool, like Ai Chi, H20 Cross Training, and Water Works.
Our wide variety of classes allows individuals to create their very own personal exercise routine and makes it easy to have the choice to try something new. We invite and encourage participants of any fitness level to join any class at any time.

Our Group Exercise Schedules can be found in the lobby, or online HERE

Sunset Athletic Club Expanding To Add New Features!

sac 77 fitness facility

Courtesy SAC "Club Connection" Newsletter, reprinted January 26, 2020

SAC, a full multi-sport family friendly facility, will be adding 22,000 square feet.
This addition will arrive as a 3 story addition (the tallest building in the Cedar Mill community). It will be directed towards our adult (over 16 year old) population of members and will be specific to fitness needs.
Offering a Barre/Yoga studio; two training centers and of course strength, stretch and cardio equipment; and a Turf Fitness Playground. Amenities will include adult “only” locker rooms each offering a sauna, child care and ample social space. The third floor will include a roof top penthouse studio with an open air third story exercise deck and a view to the south. A perfect addition to our Sunset Athletic Club Rental Menu.
Adult members will have access to the many amenities of this facility as a part of their membership. The focus of this addition is prescriptive fitness and goal programing and will provide an environment of identifying and focusing individual fitness needs. Offering a variety of options to accomplish those goals through private and group training, including the metrics to mark the accomplishments of the participant’s efforts.
Because we have expanded as far as our current property boundaries allow, this addition will be located off campus. Our addition will be located in the new development of Cedar Mill Center, located at Saltzman and Cornell.
Our intention is that this addition is an extension of our current location, with the understanding that although it is not on our campus, it will be considered a department of Sunset Athletic Club. The building is available to our adult members to use as a part of their SAC membership dues, programming costs will apply where indicated.
This new addition will offer our adult population opportunities that are not available in our multi-sport location.

77 Fitness Amenties...

Offering Programs Specific to this location:
• Prescriptive/Goal Based Programs
• Small Group Training
• Large Group Training

Feature points of the 2020 Addition to Sunset Athletic Club
• 22,000 square feet, 3 story building with roof top view
• Serving The Adult Membership (16 and up)
• Barre Studio (Part of the Sunset Athletic Club Group Ex. Program)
• Fitness Focused • 2 Training Centers
• Cardio Center • Large Astro Turf/Fitness Area
• FitCenter • Penthouse Studio
• Kids Korner • Roof Top Exercise Deck
• Social Spaces • Roof Top Deck Rental

Running and Leg Pain

bechmark physical therapy at sac

Courtesy Benchmark Physical Therapy clinic (inside Sunset Athletic Club), January 15, 2020

As spring approaches many people turn to running outdoors. This includes current runners and wanta-be runners.
Have you ever thought about your running style and footwear? At Benchmark PT Sunset we take the time to evaluate your running style on the treadmill from the shoulders, core and hips to the feet. Many runners think about running as coming from their feet. If you think about running from your hips with a controlled core and the feet then hitting the ground you will find less injuries and more energy.
Stretching is an important aspect of injury prevention and ease of running. If you stretch your tight hamstrings,
IT band, piriformis and calf often times you will feel the leg moving much more freely and controlled. Many runners “jump out of bed and out the door” without stretching which can lead to hamstring and achilles tendon injuries.
Strengthening and functional muscle balancing exercises are also critical for injury prevention and running efficiency. Learning to balance and preform single leg exercises will improve your ability to know where to place your leg in space (proprioception). Proprioceptors provide feedback to your nervous system about your body’s position in space and help stimulate the muscles to maintain balance. Weak gluteals will over work the hamstrings causing additional tightness. Tight iliotibial band (ITB) can cause lateral knee pain which can originate from weak lateral gluts. Lack of core control can eventually lead to a lumbar problem
further straining the lower extremity muscles or referred sciatic nerve pain.
Strengthening exercises could include side steps with thera-tubing, planks, side plank dips, single leg mini squats adding heel raises on wobbly surface.
Footwear is essential for neutral foot placement on the ground with running and walking. Foot pain usually comes from weak core, gluts and hip rotators which do not control the knee and foot causing foot pronation or flat feet.
Studies on NFL players with sprained ankles show overall core weakness compared the non-injuried player.
If you are experiencing an injury or feeling that your gait is not correct please reach out for a 15 minute free consult. In Oregon, we have direct access so a prescription from a MD is not needed to bill your insurance. We can start early intervention and help you decide if a MD referral is needed.
At Benchmark PT we will assess you for prevention and will treat the injury with return to running coaching. Taking care of your back, legs and feet will keep you running helping you live life to the fullest. Call us to learn more! 503-726-8880.

SAC Members Enjoy FitLife Discounts and Programs


Courtesy SAC - Published January 1, 2020

The FitLife Club Network is an association of independently-owned health and fitness clubs in the Pacific Northwest. Our reciprocity program gives each club’s members the ability to use approximately 80 different clubs in Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming on a short-term basis while they are traveling.

Are you a bargain-hunter? Our partnership with Fitlife offers SAC members access to their FREE Group Benefits Savings Program. SAC members are already eligible for discounts on Hotels, Shipping, Office Supplies and even Health Care! Just go to the Fitlife Savings Center, register your membership, and start saving.

Local News About Sunset Athletic Club

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