5-Point Clean Air Strategy

What is SAC's 5-Point Clean Air Strategy?

Following the guidance and research through ASHRAE, CDC and OR OSHA for best practices in air filtration systems, we have implemented SAC’s Clean Air Strategy. Local B Corp Certified HVAC Company Reitmeier has assessed our systems and we have completed a 5 Point effort to achieve a vitally important goal; the focus on the health, safety and well-being of our staff and members.

Point 1: Clean It Up & Start Fresh

The team at Reitmieiter has thoroughly sanitized our ventilation systems with a biodegradable cleaning solution. Then, air coils and internal surfaces were disinfected with BioSpray D-2 (EPA approved to kill SARs, Covid-2, Covid-19 and other infectious pathogens). This will eliminate the contamination of fresh air as it enters our ventilation system.

Point 2: Enhance Filtration to MERV-13

We have integrated high-quality MERV 13 air filters into all of our HVAC units. These filters are designed to capture up to 98% of micro-particles from the air, including bacteria and droplets like those released in a sneeze.

Point 3: Industrial Grade Ventilation Means “No Stale Air”

Our health-club-grade air filtration system constantly brings fresh air into our building (at a ventilation rate above code minimums) to help dilute any airborne contaminants.

Point 4: Monitoring & Controlling Humidity

Science has proven that humidity is a factor in the control of viruses*. Our systems are able to digitally track and adjust both humidity and temperature constantly.

Point 5: Air Sterilization by UV Light

As the final punctuation on our effort to defeat airborn threats, we have installed UV lights in our HVAC units to sanitize air entering into our facility. This is the big dog! UV lights don’t just “ionize” germs, they eradicate them!. In some of our smaller Group Exercise rooms we have added free standing HEPA air purification systems to double down on purification.

We are committed to doing the right thing

Rest assured the measures we are taking continue to be the top recommendations by officials to promote health and safety in public spaces. If you’d like to learn more about the health and safety measures in place during this time, use the links below.